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Visualizing Your Ideal Life In Recovery is Your Job -
Helping You to Get There is Ours.

We have Dual Diagnosis Whole Person Substance Abuse Treatment
for alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, prescription medications,
designer recreational drugs and more.

We serve the Chico, Redding and Sacramento areas of Northern California.

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For a confidential consultation with a counselor, call 888-654-2800

Call 888-654-2800

Addiction Interventions

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An intervention is about change, action and healing.

Unlike other diseases, individuals struggling with addition often do not know there is a problem.

We provide discreet, confidential, respectful dedication to serving our clients beyond the “initial intervention.”


Screening, Assessment

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Chico Recovery Center provides comprehensive screening and addiction assessment to individuals and families to assure placement into the appropriate level of treatment to start a full and successful recovery.

We provide drug rehabilitation in a warm and caring environment that gets you on the road to recovery the right way.

Screening & Assessment

Addiction Treatment

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Residential and Outpatient Dual Diagnosis Substance Abuse Rehab Treatment.

Intervention, Medical Detox, Individualized Treatment Plans, Dual Diagnosis Integrated Treatment, Whole Person Addiction Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Transitional Housing and Work Programs, EAP Programs and Veterans Programs.

Addiction Treatment

Addiction Placements

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Your Path to Health and Wellness -
Our growth is driven by our commitment to serve.

Addiction Treatment,
Personal Addiction Counseling

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Chico Recovery – Your Path to Health and Wellness

Chico Recovery Center Recent News

Chico Recovery Center - Dual Diagnosis Treatment Trauma and Anxiety

Dual Diagnosis Rehab Chico Recovery Center

Dual Diagnosis Trauma and Anxiety Treatment • Whole Person Addiction Recovery • Emotional stress and trauma have been associated with the development and progression of chronic medical conditions; including alcoholism and substance abuse. The uncertainty and stress of the current COVID-19 event is creating psychological trauma on a massive scale. Trauma ...
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Memorial Day - Honoring the Fallen and Those Who Served

Memorial Day – Honoring the Fallen and Those Who Served

To All Veterans – Thanks for Your Service! "This Memorial Day weekend, let us reflect on the tremendous price that was paid by the brave men and women who gave their lives in service to our country. Through the sounding of Taps, members of The United States Air Force Band ...
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Chico Recovery - Northern CA Addiction Counseling

Personal Addiction Counseling at Chico Recovery Center

Addiction Counseling for Individuals Tele-counseling or In-Person • There are Solutions for Addiction • Regardless of the substance you are using - whether it is alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, prescription medications, designer recreational drugs or any combination - there is a solution to your problem. Addiction Counseling for Each ...
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Chico Recovery - Professional Addiction Intervention

When to Have an Addiction Intervention

When to Have an Addiction Intervention Are you concerned with the health of a friend or loved one? Have drugs or alcohol taken over their life? If these questions resonate with you, then it may very well be time for an intervention. But when should you have a professional intervention? ...
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How Alcohol and Drug Addiction Affects an Entire Family, Part 1

How Alcohol and Drug Addiction Affects an Entire Family Part 1 Alcohol and drug addiction can destroy all areas of a person’s life. The destruction also seriously impacts the lives of family and loved ones. Addiction can create long-lasting damage to family dynamics if not addressed quickly. A person who ...
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Passion, Understanding and Patience

Passion, Understanding & Patience…A great place to find your Vision… to find Yourself…to find Hope.

– Alex N

Genuine place to seek resources for help with addiction

Chico Recovery is a genuine place to seek resources for help with addiction.

The leadership is authentic and is motivated and driven to help others. In an industry which sadly is blurring the line between profit and greed, Chico Recovery is a resource I trust.

– Christina H

David Burke is the person to call

David Burke is the person to call

If you’re needing a residential program – David Burke is the person to call. He is kind and really cares about every individual.

– Jan G

They stood by me and helped me guide my son into treatment

I found this company to be very educational about what substance abuse is and how to best approach my son with his addiction. They stood by me and helped me guide my son into treatment. He was so resistant to the idea of going into treatment but after Dave talked with him he went right in. Thanks so much to Dave and Trish for their help.

– Colleen M

I thoroughly support this provider

I thoroughly support this provider. He was instrumental in helping my family through a very difficult time. His knowledge with the process is easily seen and he spoke to me as if my family recovery mattered.

– Sue P

David Burke And Chico Recovery are always there

In a world where help with addiction and mental health is sometimes hard to find – David Burke And Chico Recovery are always there. David has always been there and gone above and beyond what is expected of him to help others. Thank you David and Chico Recovery.

– Joan M

Trustworthy, Safe and Compassionate

I don’t know what I’d do without Chico Recovery. Trustworthy, safe and compassionate. I have relied on David Burke on many occasions. He has never failed to be there for me in times of need.

His professionalism and knowledge in the world of addiction is unsurpassed. Just knowing he’s there, gives me strength to rise above. Addiction is a scary place, it’s an unknown place for some of us. David understands the beginning of our unknown. He leads us through the healing and offers us hope. New Start is truly a wonderful program for those of you seeking help with addiction.

For those of you who need honesty, support, and healing without pressure, Chico Recovery and David Burke is there for you. I would highly recommend this program to the addicted, the friends and loved ones of the addicted, and those of you who just have questions. There is help. Just ask.

– Tammy P

For a better life – Chico Recovery

I highly recommend Chico Recovery. The owner David Burke is a fantastic human being.

When it comes to helping you with your addiction recovery – he’s second to none. He listens, he understands, he has empathy; but most of all he cares about you and your problems. He won’t force or suggest anything that he doesn’t believe in himself. He talks to you with great understanding and interest in your personal hardships.

One of the main qualities he has is that he’s definitely not overbearing or unsympathetic to your needs. He listens intently to everything that you say and never suggests things that you don’t feel are right for you. Just talking to him for a few minutes on the phone will make you feel great. I will continue to have David Burke in my life and listen to what he has to say.

– T.C.

Mr. Burke knows his stuff.

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
Mr. Burke knows his stuff. He pairs the person with competent professional rehabilitation services