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Visualizing Your Ideal Life In Recovery is Your Job -
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We have Dual Diagnosis Whole Person Substance Abuse Treatment
for alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, prescription medications,
designer recreational drugs and more.

We serve the Chico, Redding and Sacramento areas of Northern California.

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Call 888-654-2800

Addiction Interventions

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An intervention is about change, action and healing.

Unlike other diseases, individuals struggling with addition often do not know there is a problem.

We provide discreet, confidential, respectful dedication to serving our clients beyond the “initial intervention.”


Screening, Assessment

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Chico Recovery Center provides comprehensive screening and addiction assessment to individuals and families to assure placement into the appropriate level of treatment to start a full and successful recovery.

We provide drug rehabilitation in a warm and caring environment that gets you on the road to recovery the right way.

Screening & Assessment

Addiction Treatment

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Residential and Outpatient Dual Diagnosis Substance Abuse Rehab Treatment.

Intervention, Medical Detox, Individualized Treatment Plans, Dual Diagnosis Integrated Treatment, Whole Person Addiction Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Transitional Housing and Work Programs, EAP Programs and Veterans Programs.

Treatment Placement

Addiction Placements

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Your Path to Health and Wellness -
Our growth is driven by our commitment to serve.
Addiction Treatment Placement, Personal Addiction Counseling, Concierge Addiction Recovery Services.

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Chico Recovery – Your Path to Health and Wellness

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Chico Recovery Center - Dual Diagnosis Treatment Trauma and Anxiety

Dual Diagnosis Rehab Chico Recovery Center

Dual Diagnosis Trauma and Anxiety Treatment • Whole Person Addiction Recovery • Emotional stress and trauma have been associated with the development and progression of chronic medical conditions; including alcoholism and substance abuse. The uncertainty and stress of the current COVID-19 event is creating psychological trauma on a massive scale. Trauma ...
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Memorial Day - Honoring the Fallen and Those Who Served

Memorial Day – Honoring the Fallen and Those Who Served

To All Veterans – Thanks for Your Service! "This Memorial Day weekend, let us reflect on the tremendous price that was paid by the brave men and women who gave their lives in service to our country. Through the sounding of Taps, members of The United States Air Force Band ...
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Chico Recovery - Preventing Relapse and Staying Sober

Relapse Prevention Plan: Staying Sober

Preventing Relapse and Staying Sober You don’t have to relapse to work your Relapse Plan. In relapse prevention, it is critical to identify high stress and high-risk situations. And then, create a plan to manage them. We all have “self-talk” in our head. This can lead to positive - or ...
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Chico Recovery - Addiction Recovery Sober Companions

Concierge Addiction Recovery Services

Concierge Addiction Treatment for Private Clients Discreet, Confidential and Always Professional • Sober Companions • High Profile Client Addiction Recovery ~ A high profile-public status can make addiction recovery that much more of a struggle. When clients come to us from a higher social economic or celebrity status - their ...
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Chico Recovery - Functional Alcoholics Lead a Double Life

High Functioning Alcoholic Recovery Northern California

Alcoholics Leading a Double Life - Not as Thrilling as a Spy Movie Functional Alcoholics - Masters of Deception High Functioning Alcoholics are masters of deception. Friends, co-workers and extended family may see 'just an average person'. High functioning alcoholics live in denial and point to their career successes. But ...
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